10 Ways to Benefit by Sponsoring

1. Return on investment – Exposure to Latino business owners who would not otherwise be aware of your company, brand, services and/or products.

2. New business relationships – Forge new connections with non-competing businesses and gain possible future collaboration opportunities to also serve the Latino business market.

3. Gain valuable insights – Hear from Latino business leaders about trends and policies that impact their business growth. Learn what Latino businesses can offer you and how your company can meet their business needs.

4. Foster a positive reputation – Strengthen your company’s image. People typically enjoy supporting brands that invest in their community and spread positive messages. By sponsoring the CT Latino B2B Expo, you can attract media attention, set your company apart from similar brands and inspire brand loyalty within the Latino community.

5. Generate leads – Brand loyalty is largely dependent on emotional connections. Gain exposure to prospective customers and highlight the human side of your company. Additionally, your company representative(s) can learn valuable information about Latino business owners that can help you better promote your services or products to them.

6. Enjoy exclusivity rights and establish authority – As an exclusive sponsor for your specific industry, your company will not have direct competitors. This translates into gathering leads and potential immediate collaboration opportunities right at the event.

7. Engage niche markets – Connect with a high-potential market that may be interested in your solutions or products. The Latino business market is ripe for opportunities to collaborate in several ways. This is an opportunity to open the door into the market.

8. Boost brand visibility – Mejora, Inc.’s marketing strategy will provide mentions in the press, social media and event advertising like radio spots, signage, and featured ads. Take advantage of this exposure by offering attendees free branded materials through promotional giveaways.

9. Get the “Seal of Approval” – By co-branding the event with Mejora Inc, your company is placed favorably within the Latino business community. Attendees and participants may have a higher likelihood of purchasing services or products associated with the brands sponsoring the CT Latino B2B Expo.

10. Gain a competitive advantage – By sponsoring the 2024 CT Latino B2B Expo, you automatically gain an advantage over your absent direct competitors.


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