When a New Challenge Leads to a New Experience

Who We Are

A Latina-owned consulting company; collective talent; a conglomerate of highly experienced consultants.

What Do We Do

We help you problem solve from the beginning so you can focus on the bottomline.

Our Services

What can we do? Casi de todo. Almost everything we are able to offer depends on your needs. Besides, if we can’t provide it directly, we know someone who can.


Strengthen your workforce through DEI measures, professional development, coaching and personalized plans.

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Create meaningful community impact by setting clear goals, engaging your clients and stewarding funders.


Stand out from the rest with a focused communications strategy that connects to several audiences.

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Whatever and wherever Mejora Inc help you improve, we are here for it all. Our goal is to see you, your company, business or organization succeed. Always by your side throughout the process.


Inherited from Late Latin meliōrāre, a verb based on Latin melior (“better”). By surface analysis, mejor +‎ -ar. Verb: mejorar (first-person singular present mejorofirst-person singular preterite mejorépast participle mejorado)

1. determined to make things better, improve
2. seeking to enhance
3. working to ameliorate
4. (reflexive) focused on ways to improve; get better; get well


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