The Mejora Mission

To strengthen the client’s capabilities by provoking discussion and inspiring action.

Who We Are

Mejora Inc. is a Hispanic-American and women-owned consulting agency that helps businesses create more inclusive and equitable workplaces. Through leadership development programs, DEI training, and other services, Mejora Inc. empowers leaders to create positive change within their organizations.

But… What does “Mejora” (Meh-ho-ra) Mean?

Inherited from Late Latin meliōrāre, a verb based on Latin melior (“better”). By surface analysis, mejor +‎ -ar. Verb: mejorar (first-person singular present mejorofirst-person singular preterite mejorépast participle mejorado

  1. determined to make things better, improve
  2. seeking to enhance
  3. working to ameliorate
  4. (reflexive) focused on ways to improve; get better; get well


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